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Because of this lack of infrastructure, it makes creative solutions of delivering internet to millions of people possible. Google is intending to build huge wireless networks across Africa and Asia, using high altitude balloons and blimps; the company is intending to finance, build and help operate networks from sub Saharan Africa to Southeast Asia, with the aim of connecting around a billion people to the web Geere, 2013. Connecting new users to the internet will effectively funnel more customers into Google advertising technologies. There are various ways that Google can continue growing their business, however expanding the market by bringing people high speed internet is…… Additionally, the risk factor is something to take into consideration. Firms that have very high debt ratios are not only closer to insolvency, but because they are riskier will also have higher borrowing costs. There is little to choose form in terms of solvency between these companies, but the higher debt ratio at Microsoft will ultimately be better for investors because more of their money is returned in the form of profits. All told, Google is the better investment, because the company has more upside than does Microsoft. This comes down to Google's management style and its innovation track record. Because Google's key innovations are more recent than Microsoft's, and because Google seems to be more oriented towards innovation today, it is expected that Google will outperform Microsoft in the future with respect to introducing new businesses. These new businesses are not yet priced into the companies' stock prices, whereas…… Google's Marketing StrategiesGoogle, Inc. was a company founded by two Stanford University computer science graduates that initially sought to order and catalog all of the information available on the internet through their search engine.

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