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Netflix believes that, “Responsible people thrive on freedom, and are worthy of freedom” Netflix, 2009. Their goal is to increase their employee’s freedom as the organization grows rather than limit it with the goal that an employee will be responsible with the freedom that is granted to them. The fourth aspect is called context, not control. Great managers figure out how to get great outcomes by setting the appropriate context, rather than trying to control their employees. Employees will perform better work if they understand the context of a situation and how their work relates to Netflix’s goals. The responsibility is on the manager to set the context so a talented employee will not perform poorly. Highly aligned, loosely coupled is the fifth aspect where the goals and strategies of employee groups are highly clear and specific. Meetings between groups are then minimal and only used to get aligned on goals. The work of individual groups is loosely constructed but their goals are clearly aligned. The sixth aspect is called pay top of market. The main idea is that, “One outstanding employee gets more done and costs less than two adequate employees” Netflix, 2009.

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